March 2022 Newsletter


Timi Turnup 

March in a Word - Meaning

Almost all of us end up looking for the meaning of life at some point. And ALL of us look for the meaning of just about everything else on a day to day basis. What does a person's car mean about their bank account? What does a person's behavior mean about their values? What does the way I'm treated mean about me? What only some of us learn is that meaning is more an art than a science. You do not simply calculate it - you have the power to construct it as you see fit and you should absolutely be using this power. A setback can mean you are destined to lose or it can mean you are one step further in the process of winning. Others accomplishing things you have yet to yourself can mean they're better than you or it can mean you need more time to reach your peak because yours is higher than theirs. Neither is wrong, you literally get to choose. And if you let others choose for you, you're bound to make some wrong choices. Be aware of how you choose to interpret the things around you and you will see just how much influence you truly have over your reality.


  • "Money Bae" is OUT NOW on all streaming platforms! Check it out today.
  • Spare Me Some,” a track featuring NishoSoul, is available on all streaming platforms! The song is a reminder that sometimes you need the people around you to supplement you with some self love. Click here to hear it.
  • Glow Never Sleeps” is OUT NOW! The weather's warming up, so get your vibe right! Listen here.
  • "Never Defeat Me" is coming late April/Early May! Listen to a sneak peek here!

Steez Boutique 

  • Half-Hearted Tee - OUT NOW
  • The "Don't Be Coy" Tee will be dropping later this month!
  • Come see me! I'll be vending at Blair Wellness Center Medical Dispensary from 12pm-4pm on April 20th! Limited edition styles not found on the website will be available at the event!
  • Can't make it on the 20th? No worries, I'll be vending 1:30pm-5pm on April 30th at a pop up hosted by Nichelle L. of the Real Time With Nichelle Podcast. Limited edition styles and deals will be available!

One of One Club

  • The One of One Club is a subscription that allows you to truly express your originality. Every month, you receive a one of a kind garment. It will be the only one of its kind because you’re the only you! Additionally, club members receive early access to music, exclusive content, and a 20% discount code for all orders on Steez Boutique. Click here for more details.
  • Take a look at the One of One Gallery 
  • Don’t forget to check the “Member’s Area” once you’ve signed up. This is where you’ll find the new music you now have access to.

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