1 of 1 club

 You have your own vision. You have your own goals. You have your own path. You are a one of one. Dress like it.


What is 1 of 1 Club?

1 of 1 Club is for the individuals of the world. Many struggle to fit it. We believe in thriving by standing out. Club members get one article of clothing each month to express their individuality. Each garment is the only one of it's kind - a 1 of 1 - and will tell the world that there is nobody else quite like you! You are a one of one. Dress like it.

Why Join the Club?

When you get a garment from the one of one club, you are not just getting a piece of clothing. You are getting a statement you can wear. You are getting a way to remind the world that there is no other you. 

Club Members Receive:

  • A  new, one of a kind garment every single month to express your originality. 
  • A 20% discount on all purchases from Steez Boutique
  • Miscellaneous content and free products
  • Access to unreleased music by Timi Turnup and early access to future releases.



For those who just wanna show love. No monthly garment, but you get access to unreleased music, early access to future releases, a 20% discount on all Steez Boutique purchases, and automatic entry in monthly giveaways. Show love, I'll show love back!


A new t-shirt, every single month. Always one of a kind.


A shirt, a hoodie, a hat - who knows!? New one every single month and always one of a kind!


This is for those who want to show their support or who just want some incredible drip. Items in this tier come with more personal touches, such as your name or favorite activity. Truly one of a kind.

Membership Options
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