Originality Matters! 

Society puts us under a lot of pressure to fit in. What people who choose to (or simply have to) overcome that pressure learn is that you’re better off standing out so that others who resonate with you can spot you in the crowd. In accordance with this, Originality Matters was created by Timi Turnup as a way to encourage everybody to take pride in who they are and to express it with a confidence that doesn’t need approval.


Timi Turnup is a creative with a focus on music and fashion design.

While still well in touch with his Nigerian roots, Timi was born in London and primarily raised in Maryland.

As a rapper, his lyrical agility allows him to skillfully compliment any beat, giving each of his releases a unique sound despite having a consistent feel. In his songs, he delivers an alternative confidence - one more likely to brag about investing some money and achieving self love than about anything involving trying to impress other people.

For those who swim in the mainstream but don’t live in it, Turnup hits the sweet spot. Perspective and reflection are consistent topics in his music, yet he has a lighthearted vibe that you can party to.

Originality Matters apparel emerges from the same energy as the music, encouraging those who wear it to take pride in who they are. Many of the garments are hand-dyed and pressed such that no two items are exactly the same. For those seeking even more unique options (or that just wanna support), Turnup offers the 1 of 1 Club, which ships club members 1 of a kind items that will belong to them and them alone.

Through music, apparel, and art in general, Turnup hopes to instill his growing fanbase with self-confidence, self-love, and the ability to enjoy life.

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    Not in an arrogant way, more so in a way that has manifested into a factual definition of his persona. Just like the fact that the sky is blue and fishes swim - Timi Turnup in the shit.”

    Creative Click DC

    The reality is that his newest mixtape titled 'Summer Practice Package,' is a smooth and modern hip hop project that incorporates old school production and flow at the same time.”

    HNIC Mixtapes

    This is an amazing project from start to finish, from production, to its sonic fluidity.”


    You can feel Turnup’s confidence and positivity in his flow and you can tell he’s spitting bars that he truly stands behind.”

    Jams Early