6 Months of #SteezySaturdays

      In the age of the internet, out of sight means out of mind. I don't want to be out of your mind. I want to be the reason your party is lit or the reason you have a positive outlook or the reason you stop pretending to be someone you're not. That's why I started Steezy Saturdays; to make sure that every week you get a reminder of how hard I work and what I can and will be with your support.

      For those who don't know, Steezy Saturdays is a series of songs with one being released every Saturday. There are 52 weeks in a year so this being the 26th #SteezySaturday means that we're halfway to our first anniversary. If you start with Blue Lungs, you can hear not just the progression in my song structure and versatility but also in my abilities as an engineer. I'm passionate about my art and it is very dope to be able to hear my trajectory. I'm happy to say I have no plans of slowing down. Every single time you guys show a song to a friend brings me closer to my next level up, so you can now show off your support and good taste with the new Steezy Saturdays Tee in your favorite color from Steez Boutique. Let us know your favorite track in the comments and remember to check out the tune for this week's #SteezySaturday!

Stay Steezy, my friends!

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