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Max Liberty

      Welcome to Creative of the Week, where an up-and-coming creative is highlighted for an outstanding piece (or pieces) of work. Our first Creative of the Week is Max Liberty. His latest release "Bulia" is pure energy and the vibe is an authentic one for sure. You can feel the drive and the youth as he tells you he "just wanna be the best" and the track makes it hard not to root for him. The sound builds off of what we got from him on his track "Outie" but he manages to infuse his newest with even more passion. Check out both tracks below.



Like what you hear? Find out more about Max Liberty in the interview below!

Q & A with Max Liberty

Where are you from?

Selinsgrove, Pa

How long have you been making music?

I've honestly been making my own music for like 7 months. Before that I was just making beats along with my boy Hendo. He would use the DAW and I would just give suggestions and we'd work together on a lot of projects like that. Check him out by the way, he's got a joint album with Jizza Raw coming soon.

What kind of support do you receive? What kind do you wish you received?

I can't complain about my support for the level that I'm at. I understand that support for artists is like a snowball effect so as long as I keep making good music and experimenting, it will come. You just have to be patient and believe in yourself

What is the point of music in your opinion?

Music is a way to express yourself in my opinion. Words can be confusing when you're speaking to someone, but when you show them a song or play them a beat they can feel the emotion for what it is

What's the coolest/most interesting musical experience you've had?

I have my first few shows coming up with the homie Nicky G. We're performing at a festival in September. It's gunna be dope to be the one on stage being watched, not the other way around.

If your music was an animal, what animal would it be?

My music would be a Falcon because that's what I will be when I'm reincarnated

Why should people listen to your music?

This is a good question. People should listen to my music because it all has something to do with my life and I know that in every song I make, there's something that everyone can relate to

Are you pursuing any other creative avenues?

I'm trying to get my hands into everything I want to do. My initial platform is music but from there I want to get into photography/videography, video editing, and who knows what else. That's gunna be in the future though. As of now I'm just working hard on my music but once I master this I know I can do anything.


      You can see in this interview that Max Liberty is a very grounded and passionate artist. Keep an eye out for his upcoming shows with Nicky G and remember, he's only going to get better. Check Planet Turnup again each week to discover another quality artist worth your time!

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